Eleanor Washington (34)
Community Advocate for Beatties Ford Road

Pediatric Dental Clinic of CMC-Biddle Point Interview (14)
Interview with Roland Estep, JR. CDPMA, DAII
Practice Manager
Pediatric Manager
Pediatric Dental/Public Health

Q: What are the days and hours of operation here at CMC-Biddle Points Pediatric Dental Clinic?
A: The Pediatric Dental Clinic is open Monday – Friday from 7am-5:30pm.

Q: What are the services that you offer?
A: We offer all general dentistry services (accept braces and root canals on permanent teeth),
dental treatment under General Anesthesia.

Q: What age group do you see?
A: We see children typically from the age of 1 year’s old, or earlier depending on when they get their
first tooth, up to 17 years old.

Q: What do you think are the top three concerns of children in the area in reference to dental care?
A: Not having regular dental visits, carious teeth (cavities), but prevention is #1. It is important for
patients to see a reputable dentist on a regular basis.

Q: Does this facility offer any free services to the community?
A: In 2009 we gave over $75,000 of free dental care. We also use a sliding scale system for those that
are uninsured. With this system a patient may come in and pay just 40% of the normal price of the
dental service.

Q: What forms of insurance are accepted?
A: We accept most forms of insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. We also accept private pay.
In reference to the sliding scale system that we use, a patient must provide proof of residency and
income and be approved to use the system.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for the community?
A: When looking for a dentist it is important to do your research. Obtain information from the
NC Dental Board website (or call) regarding sanctions and/or license restrictions due to disciplinary

Q: Is there anything that you would like to add about CMC-Biddle Point Pediatric Dental Clinic?
A: This facility is big on prevention. In addition to the services that we offer, we provide education to
the parents about the services being given, proper nutrition, what to eat and what not to eat.
Children need to see us as soon as possible. A lot of the time we come across a child that may have a
tooth that is abscessed and has to be removed because care has been held off. We want to provide
care before it gets to this point.

Mecklenburg County Health Department-Beatties Ford Road Interview (30)

Cheri Singleton RN, MSN
Clinical Nurse Manager
Maternal Child Health
Could you start out by giving us some brief information about yourself? (What you do? How long have you been a RN? How long you’ve been in public health etc.?
I am the program manager for the Maternal Child Health department for 4 years. I have been an RN for 15 years and have been in public health for 15 years.

What is it that you enjoy most about working in Public Health?

Helping those in the community that have no voice and those that need the education so they can make better choices related to health.

What is it that you enjoy least about working in Public Health?
Public Health being driven by the economic climate which dictates funding programs is the most difficult part of the job. My programs do not always have an immediate positive outcome but may have a great impact in the long term.

What is it that you enjoy most about working at the Public Health Department on Beatties Ford Rd.?
Seeing diverse clients in the community, seeing people out engaging with each other is enjoyable to me. In the mornings older people walk the neighborhood, some pick up trash, care for lawns, and setting out on porches when the weather is good.

What is it that you enjoy least about working at the Public Health Department on Beatties Ford Rd.?
The negative stigma attached by those outside of the neighborhood of the area.

What population of people do you see at your facility (in terms of race, class, age etc.)?
I don’t work with the actual clients in the health dept., my programs work out in the community. The community demographics are representative of this.

As a public health nurse working in child health, what are some of the main problems that are identified? How are they identified? Why do you consider these problems to be the main issues/top priority?
Main issues include lack of basic parenting, and the inability to meet basic needs. These issues are based on referrals received from clients, medical providers, and community programs. (Upon further questioning via phone, Obesity was stated as a obesity was listed as a priority heath concern)

What types of interventions have been implemented to address these problems?
Staff keep up to date on available resources to help clients navigate the complex systems to obtain services.

Are these interventions meeting the children’s needs? If not, why?
Sometimes, it depends on the availability of services and the parent’s follow-up.

What opportunities and services do families utilize most? Why do you think this service is utilized most?
I don’t know at this time.

Do you believe the opportunities and services being offered are meeting the needs of the children in the area? If not, why?
Sometimes (please see above)

As a public health nurse, what do you believe is the most important service being offered to the children and their families in an effort to address the main health issues or to prevent them?
Medicaid to address health and education for prevention

What do you think helps an agency to work effectively with children and their families?
Resources and funding

What are some of the barriers that may keep an agency from working effectively with families?

Same as above

What are some of the barriers that you think may keep families from utilizing the services offered, or from finding or using other services and opportunities?
Lack of transportation, money, lack of motivation and if not US citizens, fear of deportation and not willing to access services

How would you describe the quality of service provided to the children?

We do not provide Child Health Clinics at the health dept.

How do you think the children and their families feel about the services that are offered? Do you have data to support

Very satisfied (88-96%) with services provided through my Maternal Child Health programs evidenced by patient satisfaction survey’s done twice a year

Is the Healthy People 2010 campaign referenced in any of the current leading initiatives related to the Child Health Program?
Yes, childhood obesity

If you were able to change one component of the Child Health Services being offered to the community, what would it be and why?
Market the programs so community is aware of the services and they are free to prevent suspicion of the purpose for calls to the home when referrals are received. People think we are immigration or Child Protective Services.

Does your program collaborate with other programs and facilities? If so, what is your opinion of collaboration in reference to the child’s (the patient) outcome.
Yes, collaboration is a must have so we can all work together on behalf of the children, which is very positive

Besides what you have already mentioned, what are some other activities, policies, and procedures that work well within Child Health at the Health Department?

Do you believe there is a current need for change in Child Health at the Health Department on Beatties Ford Rd.? If so, what and why? If not, although you may be satisfied with the services that are currently provided, what kind of opportunities and services do you strongly feel should be developed and explored for the children in the area? Are you or anyone in your department currently trying to implement these changes?
Child Health Clinic in the department would be great to capture those without medical care or Medicaid