You May Now Exit Right, onto Beatties Ford Road


Group Mission

This semester we are charged with the opportunity to work in Public Health Nursing, a sub category of Community-Oriented Nursing. As defined this is a specialty area whose primary focus is on the healthcare of communities and population rather than on the individuals, groups, and families. The goal of this specialty is to prevent disease and preserve, promote, and protect health for the community and the population within it. The focus is on the public health ethic of “the greatest good for the greatest number.” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2006, p.4)(31)

During this term groups are to collect data based on individual communities, in order to address a specific health disparity associated with that population. Our cummunity is that of Beatties Ford Road and Biddleville in the Zip Code of 28216. The population for which we seek benefit are those of School Aged Children.

Upon completion of this wiki, our member are to have finalized the following tasks

  • Identify 3 problems & prioritized with rationale with a clear connection to our windshield survey, key informants, epidemiology or other reputable sources.
  • A minimum of 2 interviews with key informants are required.
  • List 2 measurable objectives for top priority problem, including a description of applicability of Health People 2010 (possibly 2020) to this issue.
  • Propose 2 interventions for addressing the priority problem, with inclusion of evidence from the literature as rationale for the proposed interventions.

The first step in this process is to provide readers with a detailed base description of the area and its population. To do so we will attempt to accurately define key information on the community’s history, demographics (such as geography, economy, and education), cultural information, health related statistics, and epidemiology. By presenting the readers with this information we hope to give shape to future child health goal which we identify.

History of Beatties Ford Road

How much do you know about your rich history? Many Charlotteans, when asked, can tell you how to find Beatties Ford Road. However, ask those same Queen City residents to point you in the direction of Biddleville, and not many would know the way. Even so for many residents of 28216 the zip code of Biddleville. The truth is that they are one and the same.

Originally there were two large African American communities in Charlotte, Brooklyn and Biddleville. Brooklyn started in the early 1900’s in the Second Ward district. However, after its destruction, Biddleville took on the task of absorbing Brooklyn’s rich heritage and being Charlotte’s oldest remaining African American neighborhood.(8)

Now to take a step back, in 1829 legislation was passed making black literacy illegal. It wasn’t until after the Civil War in 1865 that the first legal black colleges were opened. In 1867, Biddle Memorial Institute took its place among these prestigious few Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). With the foresight of three white Presbyterian ministers and the contribution of Mrs. Mary Biddle the institute began its mission in educating future ministers. Later the name Biddle University took hold when after a donation of seven acres allowed them to move to where they are currently located. Then in 1921 another donation by Mrs. Jane Berry Smith donated enough funds to grow the university by 300%. Thus Johnson C Smith University was born to honor Jane’s husband.(28)

Though, Johnson C Smith University is just one aspect of the history of Beatties Ford Road. In fact it has been petition twice to be renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive because of its foothold in the African American community.(13) These petitions have been turned down due to the unfortunate crime rate in the area. What else have we gained from this population? We have places like the Excelsior Club, West Charlotte High School, and the United House of Prayer for All People, a first for the city. The Excelsior Club was, for a long time, the southeast’s largest exclusively black social club, built attracting professionals to relax after work.(6) West Charlotte High School has always maintained a predominant African American population. Finally as the name suggests the United House of Prayer was as its name suggests, open to all since it was first started in 1919, in Massachusetts.

excelsior.jpg UHOP.jpg West_Cherlotte_High_School.jpg
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